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Every Child is Our Project, Edition 2 started 3 weeks ago in Bafoussam

ImageAbout 300 kids are following our educational program with the support of Ministry of Social Affair and the Ministry of Basic Education.

The project Every Child Is Ours started on January 06th,2014 led by WEBDEV Foundation. This project has been in preparation since many months and is based on participation of our volunteers worldwide to kid’s education but mostly concerned target are deprived children in orphanages and schools where most of students are from very poor families. The activities carried on IT, sexual education, sanitary education, languages, cultural activities and extra-curricular activities as music, dance and painting. All the activities are based on educational games as well as participative and play ground pedagogic methods.

For the realization of this project, WEBDEV Foundation is working with internationals, Line (China), Angelise and Goery (France) and nationals, Estelle and Virginie (Cameroon) volunteers. So the volunteers organize classes in schools as well as share their competences and cultural differences. The children are very receptive and therefore are very curious and attentive in discovering these new learning. Actually, we are focus on delivering classes to class 5 and class 6 in 2 schools (Ecole Publique Djemoum and CEBEC Plateau) and 2 social centers (AVAPEV and CERSOM).

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