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#PutHumanityFirst: The power of AIESEC

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Source: #PutHumanityFirst: The power of AIESEC

#PutHumanityFirst: The power of AIESEC

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Put Humanity First

…putting humanity first makes creating a better world a piece of cake…

Not many organizations use positive transformation of human lives as a measure of success. One of the key factors for every organization to succeed over a long period of time is for the organization to have a discipline of “how”. This means holding themselves accountable to their values, principles and processes.

In my earlier years, I was part of an organization called AIESEC. AIESEC exists for the purpose of peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. The tangible proofs (the products) of why AIESEC exists are International internships and Leadership. These facilitate global and cross-cultural integration and understanding since 1948.

While living an AIESEC experience, there are principles of the experience that makes the experience very meaningful. These principles also help in making the world a better place given some of the trends that are shaping the world. Below are the principles:

  • Building…

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