Africa Connected Success Story – Mayowa Adegbile (Nigeria)

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Mayowa used YouTube to post an appeal in order to raise funds for her initiative, a business school for widowed mothers, giving them the tools to make a living and support their families. Through Google Alerts she is able to keep track of news and information that she uses to inform and support the women.


Africa Connected Success Story – Christopher Panford (Ghana)

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Christopher runs a transport company enabling drivers in Ghana gain access to loans so they can buy cars for which they use to earn a living. He uses Google Maps in his vehicle tracking devices to constantly track the location of vehicles under bank loans, this gives the banks assurance that cars and loans are

Africa Connected Success Story – Sitawa Wafula (Kenya)

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For a decade Africa has enjoyed broad economic success, earning it the moniker ‘Africa Rising’. But now a more cautious IMF talks of ‘Africa Watching’. Javier Blas reports on why the continent’s countries must now be judged on their own merits.